The power of data to build a wiser world

Investing in relentless founders who are creating the data economy of the future

Our investment focus

We believe that data will aid better decision making for businesses and improve the lives of consumers. We believe that data can enable diversity, sustainability and drive fairer outcomes. We trust in true science and data used in the right way, which can be much more powerful than just anecdote, gut-feeling, instinct or intuition alone. As a venture capital investor in A-round European B2B software startups, we are industry agnostic and invest in major technology enablers that help solve real challenges, with a particular interest and focus on the following areas:

Our family

The trusted communications & payments suite.

Digital on-demand insurance for SMBs and the Gig Economy

No1 Marketing Data Provider

World´s Leading E-commerce Personalization Platform

Conversational Marketing Technology

Fast Lane to Quantum Advantage

Our team

Engineers, dreamers and do-ers who have scaled several software businesses over the past two decades. Now scaling the venture firm we always wanted. With truly diverse backgrounds, we have an international outlook and global ambition. We are direct and honest with our founders and share a Nordic strong sense of fairness and equality.

DataSeries network

DataSeries is a global network of top founders and executives at data-intensive companies. We have a simple mission to facilitate meaningful connections and challenge collective thinking about the future of data. This OpenOcean–led initiative was started to connect founders, corporate executives and experts with each other around specific data related topics. It is a way for us to learn more and give back.

Have a look to learn more about the monthly executive round tables we are organizing, or dive into articles from our community. We would love to hear about insights and round table recommendations from you.

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