Our thesis

Investing in key technologies enabling transformative software solutions

The new world of application driven data infrastructure

Building the next wave of data infrastructure is here today. There is a shift of computing moving to the edge and new powerful data-driven technologies are emerging, including AI and quantum computing. 

We are particularly interested in teams solving bottlenecks in today’s data centers by offering on-demand resource management in elegant and easy-to-adopt ways. We are also keen on working with teams to build effective tools for a brave new world, including AIOps and API infrastructures.

Portfolio companies

Intelligent enterprise automation is the future of work

We believe that automation with seamless integration and ease of use – there is a myriad of new intelligent services and solutions out there that can bring true intelligence to business processes across industries.  

We are looking for the next generation of intelligent automation businesses that will enable what Gartner calls hyper-automation. We are looking for intuitive and low-friction vertical solutions that get enterprises and their employees excited because they augment the work they love and automate the work they don’t.

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The new category of digital platform enablers

The world has shifted to digital first. The best businesses, catering for enterprises, are becoming new category leaders for cognitive systems, identity management, autonomy as a service, security, or many other themes.

We focus mainly on platform enablers that are horizontal, so they can solve one particular problem better than any other solution. We are interested in teams creating building blocks that provide the key functionality for platforms – with the focus on enterprise clients. We love to support teams creating a compute-ready version of the world (Physical Web), next-generation cybersecurity, or software solutions for deploying robotic and autonomous systems at scale.

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The next generation of AI

Today’s market is much hungrier for AI-based analytics than what it is technically possible. Therefore, teams that can leapfrog the status quo on technical and go-to-market levels can solve some of the major challenges for business and society.

Superior performance and better accuracy are the main competitive advantages of AI. The teams that have made fundamental breakthroughs by putting AI at the core of their solutions will truly outperform their peers. We are excited to help to build the next generation of AI companies and solutions.

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In short

Our investment focus

We are industry-agnostic

The surge in data is changing the rules of all industries. Data drives massive change and creates new opportunities across all industries. As such, we’re industry agnostic. The software startups we invest in help building a data-centric society where technology enables better decision making for businesses and improve the lives of consumers.

We believe in the power of data to build a wiser world

We believe that data has the power to create a wiser world for everyone and our founders share this outlook. It’s not just about better decision making and prediction. We know that data can enable diversity, sustainability and drive fairer outcomes for all.

We love well-built products with a market-fit

We look for founders that know their customers, have an existing product, and can demonstrate strong user engagement. We look for evidence of large pools of unmet demand in the market and products that are easy to use – and fall in love with.

We look for the green shoots of growth

We’re looking for the first “green shoots” from successful growth experiments. Show us the market demand that can support product pricing and a customer acquisition cost that make sense. We want to back a new team every 2-3  months, to write a “first cheque” for €2-5m, and to invest up to four times that in the very best companies.

We are entrepreneurs and engineers at heart

We will help you oil the mechanics of growth, retention, and customer lifetime value; support your team and design the processes to knit them together; pack a punch with your message and match you with prospects, partners, press, and investors.

We only invest in what we know deeply

We focus on startups building disruptive data solutions that have originated from Europe. We typically do early A-rounds, which we like to lead or co-lead. 100% of the software we’ve invested in has been easy-to-love and building the new data economy.

Our core values

and operators
in our soul

Data-driven and analytical

Measure what matters. We are a unified team and data-driven and analytical ourselves, challenging each other to quantify our reasoning.

Diversity and experience

We value different viewpoints and experiences. Our own team and the best companies we have worked with have truly diverse backgrounds, on many dimensions.

Full transparency

We are direct, passionate, intense – and enjoy having fun. That means we’re also open, direct and transparently honest with our founders.