We work with each other, our founders and their teams on the path to be as great as they can be.

Our approach

The surge in data is changing the rules of all industries

The European software start-ups we invest in help building a data-driven society where technology enables better decision making for businesses and consumers.

Delicious software

You know your user inside out. You have prototyped and launched your product, taken feedback and can demonstrate users can’t get enough of it. You can evidence large pools of unmet demand in the market. Customers willingly refer to each other and the product’s value increases the more users you have.

Areas we know intimately

We focus on the enablers of disruption: Artificial Intelligence, Application-Driven Data Infrastructure, Open Source, Intelligent Automation, Digital Platform Enablers, and Decentralisation (covered through Fabric Ventures).

The green shoots of growth

We are looking for the first ‘green shoots’ from successful growth experiments. Show us the market demand that can support product pricing and a customer acquisition cost that make compelling economics. We want to back a new team every couple of months, to write a ‘first cheque’ for €2-4M, and to invest up to five times that in the very best companies.

Entrepreneurs and engineers at heart

We will help you oil the mechanics of growth, retention, and customer lifetime value; support your team and design the processes to knit them together; pack a punch with your message and matchmake you with prospects, partners, press, and investors.

Our values


Measure what matters. We challenge each other to quantify our reasoning.


We value the extraordinary, the exceptional and we aim to make it the new norm.


Learning about new people, technologies and approaches gives us a kick.


Because there is certainly a better person and often a better way.


We call it as we see it. We expect you to be direct also.


We work with each other, our founders and their teams on the path to be as great as they can be.

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How we work

Advice not interference

We understand how not to **** it up from the Board.

Talent not turnover

Each year, we aim to hire at least one world-class exec or board member to complement your skills.

Intros not extra to-do’s

We aim to accelerate serendipity by opening up our contacts but when you need it not when we want it.


We know time is your scarcest resource. We will pull out all the stops to preserve it.

One partnership

One partner will lead but the entire partnership is equally committed to your success.

Genuine understanding

This is the firm we wanted as entrepreneurs. To work with people better than ourselves building ventures more daring than ours.

Data-driven discipline

Strategic choices are tough, opinions can be divisive. Data is often the answer.


Not just building fast…building to last. We are here for the long term.