About us

We back relentless founders creating the data economy of the future

At OpenOcean, we believe in the power of data to create a wiser world. We trust in true science and data used in the right way, which can be much more powerful than just anecdote, gut-feeling, instinct or intuition alone.

OpenOcean in short

OpenOcean is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Europe with offices in London and Helsinki. With an entrepreneurial background from building several category-defining software businesses, we engage with founders to build and scale global companies delivering data solutions for the new economy. OpenOcean typically leads or co-leads Series A funding rounds in Europe.

Our history

Our pioneering role in driving the new data economy began when our partners built companies like MySQL, MariaDB, and many more. We are now actively supporting the next early-movers in their journey to accelerate growth globally.

In 2011 OpenOcean launched its first institutional fund with ca. €45m in total commitments. Fund 2011 made 13 investments and has realized top decile European venture returns.

In late 2015 OpenOcean started the second institutional fund with ca. €80m in total commitments. Fund 2015 also made 13 investments and the investment period is now closed.

In 2018 an Opportunity Fund was raised with the purpose of making growth round investments in three to four pre-selected growth-stage software companies from Fund 2011. The Opportunity Fund was closed at €23m.

We have launched the latest Fund 2020 to support relentless European founders to build solutions for the future where technology and data enable better decision making for consumers and businesses. The final closing of the fund completed in Q1, 2022.

Our vision

At OpenOcean, we believe in the power of data to create a better world.

We support relentless founders who are creating easy-to-love data solutions, with data at the core of their technology.

The startups we invest in are building the new data economy, where technology enables better decision making for businesses and improves the lives of consumers.


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November 10, 2022
min read

Our new ESG Starter Pack for software startups is out

OpenOcean's new ESG Start Pack for software startups is out! The Starter Pack includes: Our recommended ESG roadmap for software startups, including deep dives on each focus area, main KPIs to track your progress and practical advice to get started. We hope you find it useful!
November 15, 2022
min read

Launching: State of Quantum 2022 Report

Together with IQM, fellow investors at Lakestar, in association with The Quantum Insider (TQI), we wanted to produce an in-depth report to help investors and decision-makers bridge the gap between the speed and direction of quantum development and what customers are ready and already planning for. 
October 24, 2022
min read

Welcome to the OpenOcean team – Naureen Zahid, our new Investor Relations Director

We are thrilled to welcome Naureen Zahid as a new Director in the OpenOcean team, focusing on Investor Relations.