For fund investors

OpenOcean is an early-stage focused venture capital firm investing in software start-ups across Europe with offices in London, Helsinki, and Amsterdam.


Prior to starting OpenOcean, the Partners founded and built several global software businesses from Europe, including MySQL (acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008), MariaDB, Nokia Interactive Advertising, and others.

In 2011 OpenOcean launched it’s first institutional fund with ca. €45M in total commitments. Fund 2011 made 13 investments and is expecting to realize top 5% European venture returns.

In late 2015 OpenOcean started the second institutional fund with ca. €80M in total commitments. Fund 2015 has to date made 13 investments and is expecting to invest in maximum 1 more company in 2020.

In 2018 an Opportunity Fund was raised with the purpose of making growth round investments in three to four pre-selected growth-stage software companies from Fund 2011. The Opportunity Fund was closed at €23M, and has made four investments.

We are now launching our Fund 2020 to support relentless European founders to build solutions for the future where technology and data enable better decision making for consumers and businesses. The first closing of the fund is expected in Q3, 2020. Read here what makes OpenOcean unique as a software-focused venture capital fund and what specific benefits can LPs expect to gain by joining Fund 2020.

All current OpenOcean funds are incorporated in Finland.

Uniquely positioned

Thanks to our background as founders and entrepreneurs with deep understanding of data-intensive software solutions, OpenOcean is in a unique position in Europe in terms of deal-flow access and ability to support relentless entrepreneurs aiming to change the world. You can read more about our investment philosophy and approach here.

In addition to having an entrepreneurial focus and mindset, the OpenOcean team is highly skilled in evaluating technologies and software development processes. Many team members have been software builders themselves, and having taken some of the most popular technologies to the global market, it’s safe to say that OpenOcean knows how to assess and improve scaling strategies.

As a leading venture capital investor OpenOcean recognizes the key role that improvement of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) matters places as a prerequisite for long-term value creation. OpenOcean always aims to invest responsibly within the scope of our investment strategy and we have a Responsible Investment Policy in place.

Who can invest?

Our current Limited Partner Investors come from around the world and consist mainly of institutional investors, family offices, and high net-worth individuals.

OpenOcean is registered as an alternative investment fund manager under the AIFM Act with approval from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. OpenOcean is also registered as an “EuVECA” alternative investment fund manager.

We are a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA). Our reporting follows Invest Europe guidelines and our valuation follows guidelines issued or endorsed by IPEV.

For further enquiries please contact COO Niklas Rosenberg.