• European Series A Venture Capital

    by Founders for Founders

  • As ‘software eats the world’, the
    cycle of development is spinning
    out of control.

    Dataloop is built for microservices and DevOps.
    Let’s make monitoring great again.

  • You’re glued to your smartphone.
    But your dialer makes you feel like
    you’re carrying one of these with you?

    Share contacts with all your friends. Block junk calls.
    Socially integrated calling and messaging.
    Get Truecaller.

  • Your customer could be one of 10
    people who were on this block
    last week. Can’t we do better?

    Unacast connects proximity data from millions
    sensors across the world to online ad platforms,
    bringing your customers back.

  • Online stores bring choice.
    Local stores bring love.
    Can we have both?

    Nosto learns what you like and
    gives you automated, personalised shopping
    when you need it.

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