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Webinars & Blogs May

Face-to-face meetings and on-site events are on hold but the learning continues and our portfolio teams offer plenty of opportunities from analytics to quantum computing.

Below you find a list of our and portfolio teams´ webinars and theme-specific blog posts to dive into the delicious sphere of data, from anywhere and (almost) anytime. Ordered by theme:

#Cloud (MariaDB)

Discover how enterprise architects help with long-term cloud strategies and learn how SkySQL can be customized to meet unique requirements. Join the webinar May 28th 10 am PT or 4 pm CEST.

#DataScience (RapidMiner)

RapidMiner offers a variety of webinars and online videos to dive into themes from how to amplify predictive analytics with data visualization, shares most useful tips and tricks from RapidMiner’s data science team, community and super-users, to adopt AI in your manufacturing organization. Find out more here.

#eCommerce (Nosto)

From voice search over headless to experience-driven commerce and more. Nosto provides a 7-week, on-demand webinar series to hear the latest trends from leading experts across the #ecommerce industry Sign up here. Access a new video every Thursday beginning June 4th.

#FinancialServices (PassFort)

How is digital transformation being harnessed to revolutionise financial services? Tune in to PassFort´s Best Practice Podcast feat. leaders in the industry to share past experiences & theories for the future.

The recent session features a conversation with Nick Kerigan, previously of Barclaycard, EBRD and the FSA. Nick is a payments expert and shares why a digital-first approach to payments is the only approach right now. He talks about the importance of winning business by creating digital customer experiences and how to foster a culture of innovation when there is no lack of ideas ready to transform a business.

#ForFounders (OpenOcean)

#The QuickPitch with Reid Jackson covers ambitious entrepreneurs sharing their story on how they make the world a better place through software and how they juggle the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Meet:

Louise Brandt, Co-founder, CCO & Deputy CEO of Open Payments, a fintech start-up based in Stockholm, aiming to democratise financial services and enable small and big innovators with access to the financial infrastructure easily and securely.

*Listen on SoundCloud here

Nicolas Heller, Founder & CEO of  Freactal Labs, a platform that helps reimagine financial services for SMEs.

*Listen on SoundCloud here

Dora Palfi, co-founder and CEO of imagiLabs, a mobile-first community that engages teenage girls in programming.

*Listen on SoundCloud here

#Marketing (Supermetrics)

A blog post about driving high-converting traffic to your affiliate website



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