Nina Gunell

Investment Associate



Data Infrastructure
Digital Platform Enablers
Artificial Intelligence
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Albert Schweitzer

Nina joined the investment team at OpenOcean from McKinsey & Co, where she worked as a top management consultant mainly focusing on PE and large-scale transformations. Earlier, much as a result of her military service as a pilot in the Finnish Air Force, she was mainly focusing on aviation: working both in the R&D of a drone start-up and developing flight route optimization software for the Finnish Air Force. Nina graduated from Aalto University, where she majored in Engineering Mathematics and Physics. During her studies she was heavily involved in the student organization Teknologföreningen (TF), where she had a full-time voluntary position as Chairperson of the Board for a year.

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Bitrise grabs $60M to keep companies updated with constantly changing mobile requirements

Bitrise aims to be the go-to company closing the gap between that mobile demand and a company’s ability to get apps out faster while also balancing all of the moving parts and complexities
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The Truecaller IPO: nine years of “instant” success

In 2012 we were honoured to lead the series A funding round for a fast-growing new Caller ID app called Truecaller.
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Announcing LoopMe exit: celebrating the next chapter of a real Ad-Venture

In 2014, together with HV Capital, OpenOcean led the Series-A funding round for an early stage mobile advertising technology company from London called LoopMe. Almost 8 years on, LoopMe has grown to a very profitable business with almost 100 million USD in revenue.