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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Albert Schweitzer

Nina is our Investment Associate tracking everything in the broader software automation space. In addition to screening and evaluating potential new investments, she is also a board observer in our portfolio companies Cambri, Workfellow and Operations1. In the future, she will also take on a larger role in supporting all our portfolio companies on ESG topics. Nina joined the investment team at OpenOcean from McKinsey & Co, where she worked as a top management consultant, mainly focusing on PE and large-scale transformations. She completed her military service in the Finnish Air Force, which spiked her interest in aviation. This led to her having an R&D role at a drone startup and later developing a flight route optimization software in co-operation with Aalto University and the Finnish Air Force. Nina studied at Aalto University, majoring in Engineering Mathematics and Physics. During her studies, she was heavily involved in the student organization Teknologföreningen (TF), where she also had a full-time voluntary position as Chairperson of the Board for a year.

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Hygraph Raises $30M Series B Funding Round for Federated Content Platform

OpenOcean portfolio company Hygraph, a leading federated content platform, announced the closure of a $30 million Series B funding round led by One Peak. OpenOcean is delighted to continue to be part of the journey since it led Hygraph’s Series A, and welcomes the participation of both existing and new investors, including Peak, SquareOne, and business angel Boris Lokschin, Co-Founder and CEO of Spryker Systems.
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"Despite a difficult market, LPs remain bullish on the opportunity” – A Q&A with OpenOcean’s Strategic Advisor Lisa Edgar

At the beginning of the year, Lisa Edgar joined our team as our Strategic Advisor. We sat down with Lisa for a Q&A to pick her brain and hear her unique perspective on various topics related to the startup ecosystem and venture capital industry. From her thoughts on the current state of the European venture capital market to her belief in the importance of ESG, Lisa offers invaluable insights for entrepreneurs and investors alike.
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How Supermetrics, a company with 40% annual growth, leads with two CEOs?

Our portfolio company Supermetrics, , announced in early 2023 that it is moving to a shared CEO model – a practice used by roaringly successful companies like Netflix, Atlassian and Workday. To introduce the model, Anssi and Supermetrics better, we asked him a few crisp questions on the topic.