Jennifer Paavola Photo

“You aren’t really living unless you take chances
and do so with gusto”.
-Jennifer’s Mom

Jennifer Paavola

  • Helsinki

Jennifer is the CMO at OpenOcean and adds her vast international marketing expertise to the team. Her career jump-started during the first tech boom in the USA and since then she has worked in most places around the world in areas such as emerging markets, international development, and global brand building. Her expertise spans marketing, communications, public affairs, and centers on using creativity to make impact. 

Jennifer’s previous roles include CEO of a creative and PR agency in London, VP of Marketing & Communications for a global $500M enterprise services company, and most recently as Creative Director for Scope Impact where she led large-scale projects for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Jennifer is most passionate about how investors, businesses, governments, and NGOs can harness technology to make the world equitable for everyone.

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