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Ekaterina Almasque

General Partner
  • London
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Quantum Computing

Ekaterina Almasque (Katya) is a General Partner at OpenOcean. She invests in unique technologies enabling our future data-driven economy, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, data infrastructure and more.

Before joining OpenOcean, Ekaterina was a Managing Director at Samsung Catalyst Fund in Europe, Samsung’s multistage investment arm focusing on cutting edge technologies. She led investments across Europe in companies such as GraphCore, Mapillary, AIMotive, Sentiance, Quobyte, as well as several venture funds.

For over 10 years prior to that, Ekaterina was part of several corporate and independent venture capital funds in Silicon Valley and Europe, including EMC and Siemens Venture Capital. She founded her first software business at the age of 17.

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Fast Lane to Quantum Advantage


Sunlight's hyper-cloud virtualisation technology is the solution for bottlenecks in applications like AI, analytics and big data caused by the massive upwards trend in data creation.

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