OpenOcean Capital invests $1.4M in TapDaq with Balderton and angels

TapDaq is a community-driven marketing network for mobile apps. Founder Ted Nash has been creating mobile apps since his teens. He was dissatisfied with the rising costs of app marketing and that it was becoming more and more difficult for indie apps to compete against competitors with huge budgets. In the end, it meant that users couldn’t find the apps they wanted.

TapDaq has created a community of developers and can utilize its data for the benefit of the whole network. The team has a strong background in mobile apps and therefore understand the problem space very well. They have gained good traction with the community and users are very excited about the opportunities that TapDaq can provide for them. These factors made OpenOcean decide to invest in this quite early stage. We are very eager to join the board together with Balderton and to work with the team to improve the whole app ecosystem for the future.