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Juuso Koskinen joins OpenOcean

Hello, I’m Juuso Koskinen, the newest member of the OpenOcean Investment Team. I’ll be joining OpenOcean as an Investment Analyst focusing on dealflow and market analysis, and following the performance of our portfolio companies.

I have been working with and in startups since 2012. Most recently I worked for one of our portfolio companies, Oppex, focusing on user activation and product marketing. Prior to that I spent a couple of years organizing Slush, Europe’s leading startup conference, and running the Startup Sauna accelerator for the most promising early stage startups in Northern and Eastern Europe. In my early school days I spent two years in Comptel, a publicly listed software company as well as worked as a graphic designer trainee for a marketing and communications agency, Miltton Group.

I hold a B.Sc. (Tech) from Aalto University. Alongside my day job I am currently working on my master’s thesis to earn my M.Sc. degree, majoring in Strategy and Work Psychology. During my studies I have been especially interested in team dynamics and knowledge sharing within organizations.

Given only a few sunny summer days in Finland, I like to spend my free time playing golf and sailing. When I’m not outdoors, I like to follow what is happening in graphic design and learn to code at Codecademy. People also keep telling me that I spend too much time brewing coffee.

The main reason for choosing OpenOcean was the chance to continue to help startups and the endless possibilities to challenge myself and develop my skills. I also had the chance to meet the whole team early on, making it easy to join OpenOcean as I knew our company culture was just right for me.

I am really excited to join OpenOcean, as it is already one of the top VCs in the Nordics, and I believe we have enormous potential to take a leadership role in Europe. Our strengths and focus in data, analytics, and B2B software startups, is tremendously intriguing and definitely an area where new game-changing startups will be found and built. At the end of the day, that is the most thrilling part of the job in my opinion—the chance to find and help new companies to become successful and change the world.

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