IQM and LeadooMT named as most promising start-ups in Finland

For the 9th time Talouselämä, a renown Finnish financial and business magazine, has chosen the most promising start-ups in Finland.

This year IQM and LeadooMT, our two newest teams, have been selected as two of the ten start-ups. We are super proud to be part of their story.

IQM is a Finland-based start-up with a vision to drive disruptive advancements in quantum computing. The start-up—a spinout from Aalto University (Aalto) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)—is developing high-speed quantum processors to reduce the error rates currently limiting quantum computers.

“IQM is a great promise in a hot area of technology that is fundamentally changing the world. IQM received the largest seed financing ever in Finnish history.”


LeadooMT (official name Interactive Ads AI) is one of the most promising start-ups in the all so lively Nordic MarTech scene. The chatbot technology created by Leadoo is empowering companies to take better care of their website visitors whether it’s turning visitors into leads, increase online sales or the number of job applicants, or providing excellent customer support.

“Exceptional figures from a start-up that has found a scalable business model. The MarTech scene is huge and turbulent. Better sales lead integration and management are growing concerns for businesses around the world”


Link to the article (in Finnish) here

Our article on why we invested in LeadooMT here

Our article on the announcement of our investment in IQM here


Janina Salo-Glaseman

Janina Salo-Glasemann

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