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Investing in Conversational Marketing Technology: LeadooMT

We are proudly announcing our newest investment in Finnish start-up LeadooMT.
An article and interview in Finnish Talouselämä can be found here.
LeadooMT, helping companies never miss a lead again, today announced a funding round of up to €3 million led by OpenOcean. In addition, the company was accepted to Business Finland’s (Finland´s public funding agency) Young Innovative Companies programme which will support LeadooMT’s growth with up to €1,25 million. OpenOcean´s Tom Henriksson will join the company’s board.
The round will be used for product development, and the company will ramp up hiring in it’s Stockholm and London offices to accelerate international sales.
LeadooMT (Interactive Ads AI) was founded by Mikael da Costa in mid 2018 and is among the fastest-growing Martech start-ups in the Nordics. The LeadooMT team has grown quickly to its current size of 36 marketing, technology and sales professionals who are located in Helsinki (HQ), London and Stockholm.
Within 11 months since product launch, the company has gained more than 350 business customers and is now expanding to the UK.
The user-friendly and highly powerful chatbot technology from LeadooMT enables companies to source more sales from clients they weren´t able to tap into yet. This includes converting website visitors into leads or sales more efficiently, streamlining recruitment processes, and automating customer support. LeadooMT can, for instance, enhance conversion rates by tens or hundreds of percent, double the amount of candidates attracted to the recruitment process and cut down on the time spent in the recruitment process in half – both for the candidate and for the recruiter.
“LeadooMT brings the website content alive! Our chatbots activate passive website visitors, who present over 90% of all traffic, by providing a two-way conversation between the visitor and the site to turn them into leads”, explains founder and CEO Mikael da Costa.
“As an investor quite active in marketing tech, it is clear to OpenOcean that chatbot- and AI-enabled conversational marketing software is going to be a huge business opportunity,” said Tom Henriksson, General Partner at OpenOcean. “The fast-moving team at LeadooMT has brought to market the easiest to adopt solution for converting leads, with an efficiently scaling business model. We expect the rapid first-year growth to continue and accelerate as we work together”.

About LeadooMT (Interactive Ads AI Oy)

LeadooMT (official name Interactive Ads AI) is one of the most promising start-ups in the all so lively Nordic Martech scene. The chatbot technology created by LeadooMT is empowering companies to take better care of their website visitors whether it’s turning visitors into leads, increase online sales or the number of job applicants, or providing excellent customer support. LeadooMT’s technology brings the website content alive and makes the user experience on the website interactive by creating a two-way dialogue between the visitor and the website.
We want our customers to never miss a lead again. Companies spend massive amounts of money in attracting people on their website but fail to serve them in a way that converts that traffic into commercial value. We want to change this by offering a technology that can create a dialogue between the visitor and the website in order to help our customers in offering the best possible customer experience.
Image: OpenOcean´s Patrik Backman (left) and Tom Henriksson (2nd, right), and LeadooMT´s Sami Österberg, Kira Åkerblom, Mikael da Costa and Santtu Kottila.
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