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Only a man who sees giants can ever stand upon their shoulders - The Rule of Four

Venture Partner at OpenOcean, interested in B2B companies that are solving tough data problems. Mike co-founded City AI, a global applied AI community in 50+ cities, and World Summit AI the leading annual applied AI conference in Europe. Mike is also the chairman at the Saas company Scoro, an active advisor for several startups and a mentor at various accelerators such as TechStars.

Previously Mike co-founded and managed the B2B Accelerator Startup Wise Guys where he invested in 30+ companies from 20+ different countries. By now the Accelerator invested in more than 80 startups. Other past endeavors include venture capital business development for Amazon Web Services in EMEA and founding CCC Startups and Startup AddVenture, a global entrepreneurship network reaching thousands of entrepreneurs.

Mike loves photography and has a weakness for impact-driven initiatives. Oh, and he loves hugs.

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