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"A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it's built for."
Albert Einstein

Maxim is an innovation-driven entrepreneurial spirit with an eye for detail and a firm believer of the kaizen approach. Before OpenOcean, he co-founded two ventures that made him catch the Tech bug and eagerness to solve problems. Additionally, Maxim worked for a renewable energy asset acquisition and development company which sparked his interest for a sustainable future and overall global well-being.

Post-graduating from Imperial College London with an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management, Maxim’s mindset is set to boost DataSeries’ vision for OpenOcean and with the help of forming a global network of founders, executives and thought-leaders; create additional deal-flow.

DataSeries is a project powered by OpenOcean — currently building high visibility and quality platform, that allows thought-leaders to share their opinions and lessons learned from data-intensive industries.

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