OpenOcean Poker Night @Slush Nov 21 (Helsinki)

Our legendary Poker Night brings together relentless entrepreneurs, investors, and trailblazers from the software, data infrastructure and enabling tech ecosystem.

For the 6th time, we gathered during Slush to connect international friends.

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This year´s winner was Jan Ameri, CEO of ArcticStartup.

The prize: creating new woodland! Meaning a compensation of 30tn CO2. That equals around 160 000km mileage of gasoline-powered car OR about eight return flights between Helsinki and NewYork. @Puuni Oy
– We have only one world –
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Our annual OpenOcean Summit will be organised in May 2020 in London.
Hope to catch up soon again! openoceanvc  pokernight

Janina Salo-Glaseman

Janina Salo-Glasemann

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