Deep Tech Gets Delicious Helsinki

‘Delicious’ software is not just easy to download, adopt or use – it’s software that is easy to love. It’s so great, that your usage deepens and extends over time and you excitedly tell all your friends about it.

On the evening of Monday, 30th October we gathered the best Nordic entrepreneurs and investors we know to dive into the discussion of what makes software delicious:

How do you keep iterating the product to ensure every feature is beautifully and seamlessly designed and solves the problem its meant to?

– How do you use data and growth hacks to create lasting adoption and vitality?

How is defensibility and data-driven network effect achieved through usage?

The speaker line-up included Nirav Tolia (Co-founder and CEO, Nextdoor) Elias Aalto (Co-Founder, Product & Mobile Lead, Wolt), Mikael Thuneberg (CEO & Founder, Supermetrics), Jan Ameri (Arctic Startup), and Patrik Backman from our team.

Anastasiya Belyaeva

Anastasiya Belyaeva

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