Annual Summit 2020 (London)

The OpenOcean Annual Summit is a highly curated event for relentless entrepreneurs, technology experts, and scientists that help building a data-driven society where technology enables better decision making for businesses and consumers.

The programme takes a deep dive into the status and future of technology, mixed with thought-provoking sessions to spark discussions and broaden attendeesĀ“ views on the impact of technology for today and tomorrow.

The audience of 200+ attendees and partners consists of very selected players and forerunners within the software and data-infrastructure ecosystem to ensure an intimate and inspiring atmosphere that enables quality engagement and valuable new connections.

We currently plan to hold our annual summit in spring 2021 but we will follow closely the situation due to the coronavirus and its impact economies and mobility.

Janina Salo-Glaseman

Janina Salo-Glasemann

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